Meet the Team: Chris Barnette

Chris is a unique combination of business savvy and creative vision. He is our Senior Relationship Manager. Find out more about his role at Proclaim, his impressive career, and the one song that strikes fear in his heart....

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Meet the Team: Shelley Heinrichs

She’s our compass, our guide, and the glue that holds us all together. Meet Shelley, our marketing director, who is always abreast of the latest strategic marketing developments. She has a big role here at Proclaim…even bigger than her giant cat…

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meet the team: Chrissy Holloman

She has a killer tennis serve, practices yoga, and is someone you definitely want in your corner if you're stranded on a deserted island. Add all this together with a love for marketing conversions and you get Chrissy, our Senior SEM Specialist. Find out more about her Zodiac sign and how she stays on top of the latest SEO changes.

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Meet the Team: Mitch Thompson

He is frequently tasked with the impossible and produces the extraordinary. He's created award winning websites, logos, and brands. When attempting to describe our Creative Director, there may be no better way than to simply say, "He is just Mitch." 

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Proclaim Captures Two Gold Awards at the Service Industry Advertising Awards

We love what we do. It’s that simple. It’s an amazing privilege to spend every day using creativity and analytical science to help us amplify our clients’ messages.

When we earn national accolades, that’s just icing on the cake. 

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Meet the Team: Tara Hackney

She's been at Proclaim from the start, and she is the glue that holds us all together! Read more about Tara Hackney, her role her at Proclaim, and why she has so many pets. 

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Meet the Team: Dawn Wilson

Whether she is writing content for a new website design or enhancing clients' SEO with a new blog, Dawn consistently works to embody each client's unique voice. Find out how she began her writing career, her famous office assistant, and what she does when she's not playing (hat-less) Indiana Jones

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How to Market My Medical Practice

Digital marketing has become an integral part of a medical practice’s success. From establishing your brand to helping patients find you online, it’s impossible to escape the importance of implementing an effective marketing plan. 

Here are five fundamental steps to marketing your practice profitably...

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Meet the Team: Spence Hackney

Meet the fearless leader of the Proclaim Interactive team, Spence Hackney! He built our award winning web design and marketing company from the ground up! Find out about his favorite books and the best advice he has ever received... 

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Meet the Team: Emily Hall

Emily is the communication hotline between our wonderful clients and the staff here at Proclaim. Read more about her job, her favorite time of year, and why it’s impossible to resist a good burrito.

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