Ten Tips on How to Beat Writer’s Block

No one who works with words is immune to writer’s block. It has afflicted scribes from Shakespeare’s time to modern best-selling writers like Stephen King. If the blank page is overwhelming, don’t worry. We’ve outlined some simple solutions on how to beat writer’s block that will bring the muse back into your life.

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Meet the Team: Morgan Denham

Morgan Denham has worked at Proclaim since September 2015. She is the artisan who crafts all of our Social Media posts. Find out more about her!

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Meet the Team: Dan Walsh

Dan Walsh is the newest member of the Proclaim team! He joined us in February of this year. Find out what he does at Proclaim, his very unique pet, and more... 

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The Search Results Page is Changing: What You Need to Know

“Change in all things is sweet.” --Aristotle

Aristotle, the ancient Greek philosopher, had a knack for memorable quotes. But with all due respect, he didn’t have to deal with search engines. If he did, we’re not so sure he would view this ever-changing landscape as “sweet.”
Google’s search algorithms are constantly transforming, and if you’re not aware of the recent changes, you won’t stay ahead of your competitors. You have to adjust marketing strategy accordingly to appear on the first page of the search engine results page (SERP).

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Meet the Team: Rachel Stantliff

Rachel Stantliff joined the team in October 2012. Find out what she does at Proclaim, her favorite things to do in her free time, and more... 

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4 Marketing Terms All Practice Administrators Should Know

For today’s medical practice, it’s not enough to have the latest technology and innovative treatments: Physicians and practice managers must be savvy marketers as well. Likewise, marketing has also transformed, and it’s no longer as simple as placing an ad in the local newspaper or building a beautiful website. 

Marketing has become an intricate layer of strategies and algorithms –and you need to master them if you want to exceed your goals...

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Proclaim Wins Three Gold MarCom Awards

Our wonderful staff is once again in the spotlight: Proclaim has been honored with three gold MarCom Awards.
The MarCom Awards is an international competition that recognizes outstanding achievement by marketing and communication professionals.  There were more than 6,500 entries for the 2016 competition.
Of course, this is about much more than recognition. Don’t get us wrong---we love winning awards, but what we love even more is to see our efforts pay off by helping our clients amplify their messages. After all, they are at the heart of all that we do.

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Social Media Facts & Statistics

Has the reign of social media come to an end? Are people fleeing Facebook and turning off Twitter? Should my business follow them?

Every day a new rumor circulates about social media coming to an end, but these statistics show that this is not be the case...

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We’re at it again! Proclaim earns silver W3 awards

We’re thrilled to win a silver W3 award for web design. The W3 Awards are a prestigious, nationwide competition judged by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA). Academy members include executives from organizations such as Microsoft, Disney, HBO and MTV.

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What Are Your Favorite Super Bowl Ads? Our Staff Weighs In

In 1967, a Super Bowl commercial “only” cost $42,000. In 2016, that price skyrocketed to $5 million for a 30-second ad. For you math whizzes out there, that’s roughly $166,666 a second.  With such a hefty price tag, ad agencies feel intense pressure to raise the bar every year. The goal isn’t just to create an effective ad---the ad must be memorable enough to stand the test of time. These ads should be the target of Google searches long after the championship game has ended. Here are some of the most popular picks from our staff, why we like them and links to the commercials.

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