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How This Hospice Organization Increased Patient Referrals While Growing Their Marketing Team

Lower Cape Fear LifeCare’s marketing director was responsible for increasing patient referrals while being strategic with the nonprofit’s marketing budget. 

The director had a number of marketing companies to analyze, but none excelled in managing the complete marketing mix. And none offered the detailed tracking and ROI reporting that he wanted in order to help the whole organization make smarter decisions.

In addition, individual marketing team members had strengths but had an overload of work.

Read on to find out how these problems were solved.

Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan is Key

A number of broadcasting and communication businesses proposed plans — in addition to traditional TV and radio spots, these companies offered to do digital ads, search engine optimization, geo-targeting, and billboards — they claimed to “do it all.” 

The marketing team had a high level of accountability to their leadership, and one wrong move could mean thousands of donor dollars spent, with no additional patient referrals to show for it.

Which marketing platforms would provide the most referrals and a positive return on investment? How would they prove to the leadership team that strategic marketing works?

Proclaim continually tracks the strategic marketing mix to increase patient referrals and show ROI.

The Right Strategic Marketing Mix For Lower Cape Fear LifeCare

Increase in Patient Referrals
Reduction in Cost to Acquire a Patient

You’re probably thinking, those are great results, but you’re unsure about working with an agency. Perhaps you’ve worked with companies who just want to take over everything. If you’re like most nonprofits, your internal team is struggling to handle the work they have including increasing census and length of stay.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

When we met with Lower Cape Fear LifeCare, we were happy to see the marketing team’s strengths in graphic design and social media, but they had too much work on their plates.

They didn’t have the bandwidth to do everything well, implement tracking and dig deep into reports to understand what was or wasn’t working.

Between running events in 2 states, re-designing an outdated website while maintaining traditional and digital marketing campaigns, they realized they needed help in areas where they lacked depth of knowledge. They needed to enhance their internal team.

Proclaim Interactive enhances your team.

  • Cost Savings: For the salary of one employee, you can add a whole marketing team with expertise in all areas.
  • Team Alliance: Lower Cape Fear LifeCare launched a re-brand successfully because of a tight working relationship between their internal and Proclaim Interactive’s marketing teams.
  • A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats: By delivering exceptional results, Lower Cape Fear LifeCare’s team was able to flourish and grow. The Director of Marketing was promoted and an additional marketing team member was added. 

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