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Marketing for Involvement

Nonprofits are not businesses. They have distinctly different goals, and we have over a decade of experience helping nonprofits, NGOs, charities and para-church organizations cultivate a donor base, expand to serve more clients, and attract and retain a vibrant volunteer community. We weave together an engaging and interactive website, search engine optimization, email marketing, reputation management and social media marketing tactics into an integrated communications strategy to meet the unique needs of each nonprofit organization. Let us amplify your message and help you make effective use of your communications budget.


Proclaim Interactive honors its core Christian beliefs by striving to deal with its clients in the most honest, forthright, and ethical manner possible. In addition, Proclaim Interactive employees do not work on Sundays under normal circumstances in order to support the growth of healthy and strong families.

We also actively support several excellent charities that are inline with these values through free or dramatically-reduced cost services: