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Pay-Per-Click Management

Get A Return from Your Marketing Investment

“Yeah, we have tried Google Ads before. We spent a ton of money, but didn’t really see much of a result.”

Sound familiar? Most of our new clients say something similar when they come to us for assistance. We’re huge fans of the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) model, but we know that a Google Ads account must be actively and successfully managed to produce a profitable return on investment.

We ensure that your Google Ads campaign, landing pages and ad copy meet your organization’s goals.

Let us amplify your message.

What does Pay Per Click management entail?

It starts where all good marketing starts, with establishing a conversion goal. We work with you to establish exactly what “success” is for your organization. This might be a newsletter signup, contact form submission, scheduled appointment, financial donation or a purchased product.

With your marketing or sales goals in mind, we optimize specific landing pages of your site for the various Pay Per Click ads we’ll be running. Once the campaign is up we constantly hone the positioning to get the maximum number of conversions for the marketing investment. This strategy creates a reliable campaign that generates sales, leads, donations or other outcomes.

Earning the Google Partner badge certifies that we meet stringent qualifications and follow best practices guidlines. Our access to special events and trainings, industry research, product updates gives our clients an edge on online advertising and web campaigns.

Reese AdamsProclaim Interactive is a trusted partner for Lewis Advertising. Why? Because they are smart. They are smart about the abundance of technical aspects related to design, development and maintaining digital assets . . . they are, and will continue to be, a trusted partner because smart partners make for smart solutions.
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