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Reputation Management

What Your Clients Say Matters

Like it or not, online ratings and reviews have a huge impact on your company. Consumer reviews are used for selecting everything from the latest electronic gadgets to a new physician. Positive ratings and reviews can propel you to the top of search engine results and drive potential prospects your way.

Of course, good reviews begin with a good product and service! Every company can benefit from actively tracking what people are saying online and participating in the conversation. We report on these trends, encourage positive reviews through a number of effective strategies, and assist your team in dealing with the bad reviews.

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Jeff HedgepethVendors offering to put together a custom web site for your business are easy to come by; finding a vendor who has expert programming skills, creative ideas to promote your company, responsiveness to issues, and a willingness to work with you to produce a final product that sets you apart from the pack, are not so easy to come by. Such is Proclaim Interactive. Jeff Hedgepeth Nash Health Care