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Video Production

Yes, Video is Everywhere

Next time you are at the gym, have a look at what people are doing while they huff it out on the elliptical. If your gym is like most, a large majority of these users are watching a video. The stats back this up as well. 45% of Internet users watch video every month (ComScore) and this accounts for 50% of all web traffic (ByteMobile). Studies prove that people had rather watch a video than read a message (Forbes Insight). Video presentations get a better response as well, with 46% of users taking some action after watching a video (Online Publishers Association).

We produce memorable videos that convey the power of your brand. These can be as simple as a 30 second video testimonial or as elaborate as a 10 minute feature on your new location. We handle all storyboarding, filming, editing and online distribution on your web site and across all of your social networks.



Quest Fellowship Church

Myrtle Grove Christian School

Prospective Family Video

Southport Way

All the charm and beauty of Old Southport Cottages - All the benefits of being new!


Show it, Then Say It

Show it, Then Say It

Everyone is coming to understand that having excellent content that people want to engage with is the key to lasting online success.  However, not all content is created equal.  When you think about developing a content strategy, remember this axiom: Show it, then say it



Killer video clip with a great sound track.  Viva la neon!