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Anchor of Hope Romania

Anchor of Hope Romania

A Site to Support a Mission

Anchor of Hope is an organization that works in Romania with abandoned babies, orphans and young women. Without Anchor of Hope’s involvement, many of these kids would grow up homeless or victims of the sex trade industry. Anchor of Hope truly brings hope to a very hopeless situation for thousands of people.

This site features a clean, responsive mobile web site that focuses the visitor’s attention on Anchor of Hope’s active social media pages and blog posts. We were thrilled to provide this website to support their mission at absolutely no cost to Anchor of Hope. Why? Because it is just who we are. It’s why we’re in business.

My experience with Proclaim Interactive has been amazing! I couldn’t have asked for anything easier. Great support and help when needed! So many people who come to Anchor of Hope have spoken very highly of our website! Thank you so much for all you guys do!
Sarah Smith
Founder, Anchor of Hope Romania