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The Problem

The challenge facing craft brewers: consistency in every batch

All craft brewers will tell you the same thing: creating that special batch or customized blend is both an art and a science. Inventing that perfect recipe is challenging, but add the complicated metrics of ensuring consistency, and you have a daunting task for even the most experienced brewers.

It’s also a time-consuming process. Brewers must keep constant vigilance over their brews, resulting in a long and tedious day of work.

When friends and employees are tasked with replicating the recipe, it becomes even harder to ensure quality and repeatability.

Your brew is your brand. The heart of a brewer’s reputation rests in consistently producing a quality product. Often, this reputation is dependent solely on the reliability of the brewer’s process.

The Solution

Brewiser is the solution

That’s why Brewiser is a game-changer. Plain and simple, our nanoG45 by Brewiser does the grunt work. This means the brewer no longer has to worry about the exhausting, detailed work required for every batch.

Our nanoG45:

  • Monitors PH levels
  • Monitors specific gravities
  • Records recipe details for easy retrieval
  • Adjusts water levels
  • Automates brew schedules
  • Monitors timing
  • Easily cleans itself

When the brewing process is completed, all data is recorded and saved. You can recall the recipe by simply pushing a button.  Brewiser allows the brewing process to run more productively and efficiently while still maintaining the “craft” of the Brewmaster.

In addition, Brewiser has remote monitoring/ access capabilities. Manage your brew from any visual or touch screen device connected to a network. This allows the brewer freedoms that he or she has never had before.

About Brewiser

Brewiser is a truly revolutionary product. It’s the first of its kind, combining automation with a reasonable price point. While some systems are “automated” in name only, Brewiser is the only fully automated system on the market today.  We’re affordable, scalable for future growth, and easy to incorporate without having to purchase all new equipment.      

Our prototype has gotten rave reviews from professional brewers–everyone who has used it wants one. We’re excited to provide this essential tool and get it in the hands of craft brewers as soon as possible.

The creator of Brewiser, Justin Appleton, has a love of craft beers and degrees in industrial management and architecture. His skills are a perfect combination of creativity and science to give you the perfect combination of art and accuracy.

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You won’t be disappointed. Brewiser provides both full automation and flexibility.

We can’t wait to hear about how our product has streamlined your brewing process!

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The U.S. craft beer industry is exploding—an estimated 1.5 craft breweries are opened daily. There are an estimated 1.2 million home brewers in the US making 2 million barrels of beer annually. The majority of these brewers do this without the benefits of automation. Brewiser can be a game-changer for these millions of brewers.

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