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Children’s Dentistry of Westwood

Dentist. Mom. Superhero.

Of course, we believe all moms are heroes, but when that mom runs a pediatric dental practice, well, it brings the concept to a whole new level.

Dr. Mina Schafft has one principle that is the cornerstone of her practice: “to treat your children as if they were my own.” As a mother, she understands what other parents are going through—and she needed a site that was fun, professional, and functional.

The first step was to create a logo that expressed her identity as a hero. Our design experts crafted a theme that included the entire family—Dr. Mina and her three children. This emphasized her dual roles as both hero and mom.

Then, we centered the website around industry best practices: mobile friendly, instinctual navigation and writing that was both entertaining and educational. We were thrilled to help her amplify her message.

Thanks Dr. Schafft—you’re one of our heroes, too!