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View of new Coastal Pointe Senior Living landing page.

Coastal Pointe Senior Living

home is where you thrive

Coastal Pointe represented something unique in assisted living, and they needed a website to reflect that. Coastal Pointe centers its philosophy around the Main Street concept, where residents are surrounded by décor in a community that reminds them of home.

This means they can take a leisurely stroll to the coffeeshop or enjoy their favorite meal at the diner. They may choose to spend an afternoon in the spa with new friends. The administrators wanted it to be clear that at Coastal Pointe, residents didn’t have a room—they had an address.

Such a unique approach deserved a unique website to let the public know that spaces would soon be open for reservations. We worked closely with a local artist to craft a beautiful rendering of the facility, implemented with superior design, to create an inviting landing page that prompts viewers to take action. We coupled this layout with persuasive copywriting that extolled the benefits of having an address at Coastal Pointe.

We were thrilled to help Coastal Pointe make it better!