Ice Breaker Run

taking steps towards mental health

It's called The Icebreaker Run: On May 16, 2016, a six-runner team will leave Los Angeles, California and take the first of over 5 millions steps to create a conversation about mental illness. The nation-wide run will end on June 9, 2016 at Mental Health America's (MHA) Annual Conference in Alexandria, Virginia. Each day, the team will cover 130 miles (about the distance of a marathon)!

Proclaim Interactive was thrilled to be a part of this extraordinary cause, bringing more awareness to the divide that exists between metal illness and mental health. We began with a brand new logo design that symbolizes running legs as well as mental health barriers. We then designed this well-branded website to provide information about the team, updates on the progress of the run and an easy way to donate to Mental Health America.

In addition to proving a killer website, we also designed an email template to match the site so that the team leaders can maintain close contact with supporters throughout the run.