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Lung Transplant Foundation

breathing life into lung transplant research

Lung transplants can save the lives of those affected by diseases such as cystic fibrosis, pulmonary fibrosis and COPD. However, lung transplants carry a unique set of challenges and it is estimated that only about half of the recipients will survive more than five years after a lung transplant.

When the Lung Transplant Foundation came to us to redesign their website, we knew the stakes were high — this was about more than creating a beautiful design. This foundation is one of the few funding sources dedicated to research for lung transplant recipients. We were truly inspired by the work of this organization.

Through a customized websitevideo and copywriting, we told the story of transplant recipients and the important role the foundation plays in giving them a second chance at life. We made sure the site could easily be updated to accommodate upcoming events and guided users effortlessly to pages where they could find out about the foundation’s programs, volunteer, or contribute to life saving research.

We always consider it a privilege to be able to amplify our clients’ messages, and it is even more of an honor when our work can help clients transform the lives of others.

The team at Proclaim was a partner every step of the way and helped us develop a fantastic new website.Emily Everett, Executive Director Lung Transplant Foundation