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Mangum's website Design


Your Transportation Support Company

Mangum’s has a long history of excellence that dates back to the company’s founding in 1969. Mangum’s website design needed to do much more than reflect their dedication to quality. They needed a site that would comprehensively incorporate the major divisions of the company – transportation, towing and roadside assistance, and fleet maintenance—in a manner that was both easy-to-navigate and consistent with their brand.

Our solution was a seamless, four-step process that focused on messaging, wireframe/user experience, design and development. As a result, we were able to cohesively integrate all facets of their company in a manner that showcased their brand messaging.

Working closely with this client, we:

  • Emphasized the three distinct divisions within their company and created unique content specific to each of those unique audiences. We incorporated this copy with an easy-to-navigate, logical design.
  • Edited existing video content to create engaging videos that represented every relevant division while, at the same time, reinforcing Mangum’s overall brand messaging.
  • Created a brand standards manual and designed the website with this in mind so it visually stands out from their competition, enhancing the Mangum’s brand.

We were thrilled to be able to work with Mangum’s and the Mangum’s website design in order to help them make it better.

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