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Stool Duel

Stool Duel

Connect. Compete. Redeem

While we do place a lot of emphasis on our website development, we’ve also designed several apps, including this one for StoolDuel. We took a raw idea from our client and completely fleshed it out during an intensive discovery phase. Through the app, restaurant and bar patrons can engage in several games–including trivia– with other customers. We also created a fun logo that reflected the purpose of the app. We even worked with our client to make StoolDuel available in Android and Apple app stores.

And we completed the entire project on budget.

Amplifying your message means much more than providing a website and photography. We’re a full-service agency that can create apps, email blasts, advertisements and much more to help you exceed your marketing goals.

We’re thrilled to announce that Proclaim Interactive has won a prestigious honor for our work with StoolDuel.

Davey Awards, Mobile Apps/Social Gaming