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Thriving Colorado / Thriving Weld

Two Websites. One Goal. Collective Impact.

The Thriving Colorado Dashboard is a part of a statewide effort to record health data for communities across Colorado. This data is then compiled to create one common tool to help communities align efforts and strategies to face some of the complex and most pressing challenges.

But first, their website needed a complete overhaul.

It was vitally important that the Thriving dashboards were easy-to-use and visually appealing. Proclaim was able to help by designing a site that enabled them to display metrics in a way that was easy for readers to process.  We also implemented a simple interface for employees to update and add statistics and reports as needed.

Thriving Weld is the Weld County, Colorado arm of this project. Weld County needed a site that was both uniquely theirs yet complemented the Thriving Colorado site so that it was clear that organizations were a part of the same team, working together to make Colorado the healthiest state in the nation.

We even captured the essence of Colorado by centering the images around the gorgeous sky, majestic Rocky Mountains, and the favorite pastime of hot air ballooning.

We always love helping our clients amplify their messages, especially when it means helping their communities.