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US Watercraft

US Watercraft

East Coast Leader In Aluminum, Steel & Composite Boatbuilding

US Watercraft is a 75,000 sq ft climate-controlled facility situated on 65 acres of usable land located on the Intercoastal Waterway. US Watercraft needed an efficient way to both announce their new North Carolina location and advertise their focus: providing aluminum and composite boats for fire and rescue, military, and other work boats.

Working closely with our client, we crafted a creative website that incorporates the power of video and storytelling to take the visitor on a journey to the US Watercraft boatyard, where stunning footage reveals the facility and provides examples of their outstanding work. We ensured that the site made it easy for the visitor to seamlessly get the detailed specs for the exact type of boat needed.

We have also partnered with this client to assist them in developing a detailed, proven strategy that will enhance their brand messaging.

We’re thrilled to be part of this client’s quest to make it better!