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Waterline Systems

There are few things more enjoyable than getting your boat back on the water again.

Waterline Systems– a major company providing boat repair and refit services– specializes in maintaining clients’ vessels so they spend less time in dock and more time on the water. When they came to Proclaim Interactive for help with their website and branding, we worked with them to ensure it was smooth sailing throughout the entire project.

We provided a vibrant web page featuring video that was captivating while at the same time being mobile friendly. Through extensive work with our message architecture planning, we helped Waterline continue to refine its branding, drawing upon its tradition of excellence and reflecting this in our copywriting.

But a brilliant website is only part of the equation. We worked with our client to provide complementary printed pieces and press release writing and distribution. Waterline also partnered with Proclaim for pay-per-click advertising management.

It’s always thrilling for us to work with clients to help them make it better and amplify their message.