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With This Word App

With This Word App

Solve Riddles One Word At A Time

Ideas are exciting. They light up the room with their energy and possibilities. That’s one reason we love working with clients on developing, producing and promoting their apps. In the case of “With This Word,” we took the client’s idea and brought it to life. This app is a twist on the traditional word-guessing games where one letter makes a big difference.

The client wanted a fun, creative and positive design for the logo and app that paid homage to our local university (UNC-Wilmington) by using the school’s colors. We also gave the product several “test drives” before launch. Our staff will agree that it’s not only fun, but it’s also very addictive!

Sometimes, your message may only consist of an idea or a vision. Perhaps it’s an app that you believe others would enjoy or an idea that you need to develop. We work with our clients to refine these ideas into a business plan with measurable goals that enable us to amplify their messages.

David Heinrichs

“It’s been a pleasure to work with you. I called you guys and Spence answered the phone the first time I called. He was helpful and enthusiastic. You have been nothing but supportive and excited for this! It feels good and I appreciate it. Thank you sincerely for all the help.”

Chris Glendenning, “With This Word”