Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Rankings = Traffic

Now that you have a beautiful website, it's time to get visible! While people can find your website through social media and email newsletters, search engines like Google and Bing still drive the majority of new visitors to your site. The SEO landscape is constantly changing, so our expert team keeps up with the latest methods to ensure your website gets the visibility and traffic it needs.

Search engine success can mean the difference between a fabulous website that you share with your staff and friends and a productive site that brings new clients!

Let us amplify your message.


There are a wide assortment of services available today that offer to get you higher rankings in Google and Bing. Some of these are effective, and some can actually get you permanently excluded from the search engine's listing. Our service is effective because of a couple unique characteristics:

An Honest and Transparent Approach to SEO

Many search engine optimization (SEO) firms promise the sky and deliver only smoke and mirrors. We strive to be different and operate with absolute transparency with our clients. We will be forthright with you about what is possible and what is not; we won't make promises that we can't keep.

A True Partnership

Our clients often describe us as a partner, and this applies to our SEO work as well. After our initial SEO effort, we will deliver a report detailing precise actions you can take to improve your search engine rankings. We will not lock you into a high monthly fee for a bundle of services that you might not understand. Instead, we'll make specific recommendations and let you choose which ones to implement on an ad hoc basis.

A Complete Strategy

We don't merely optimize your site for the search engines and submit it to them for review. We bring together many facets to create a comprehensive search engine marketing strategy. This strategy may include paid placement on Google and Bing, maintaining an active presence on the various social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.) setting up affiliate relationships, securing links from other sites, or creating direct email campaigns.